• We will improve each other’s lives by supporting all parents and bringing together all communities

• We will embrace differences and strengths

• We will improve access to services and rights by listening and responding to everyone

Be part of something and help make a difference! Come down to the PEP Drop In- 10-12 at the Edmonton Green Library and find out about getting involved. 

What People are Saying

I have been involved with the Parent Engagement Panel (PEP) since 2013, when I took responsibility for managing the project. I have worked with PEP members to review and develop all areas of the project including the governance arrangements, area meetings, the training programme, as well opportunities for PEP members and in particular Parent Champions to support their communities. There have been some significant changes to the PEP in recent times and my role now is to work with the PEP Board of Trustees to run the day to day operational side of the PEP and most importantly to ensure the PEP makes the transition to becoming an independent charitable company. I am excited about what the future holds for PEP and the next steps on their journey.

Lottery Funded

Partially Funded by the National Lottery